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Human Trafficking — in Nutshell

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Today, I learned a lot about the reality of human trafficking and the underlying exploitation that exists….I attended the Refugee Mental Health and Wellness Conference…

Human trafficking is a multifactorial issue, as it can be local or global in nature, depending on who and how someone is caught. One of the most common tactics to draw youth into the country is coercion…Opportunistic individuals lurking in society…portray their goodwill and desire to help unfortunate people achieve their dreams…which is a total lie…

They are essentially anti-social, “salesmen” that prey on vulnerable humans that are seeking out a glimpse of hope…From my knowledge and understanding today, they “sell” people in third world countries the idea that they will bring these individuals to America to fulfill their dream…typical example would be going to Brazil and scouting out 15–16-year-old girls from low socio-economic backgrounds…selling them on the concept of becoming a model in the US. After charging them an arbitary amount $5–6K, then coach them to hopefully be successful during the VISA. Its a number game, as the value of each human life does not matter to these ruthless individuals, who exploit young teens.

a person with her hands raised up

Upon entry into this country, they literally trap the person into a world of “slavery”, by charging them an additional $15–20K, upon entry into this country. As a result, it encroaches on the idea of modern day “slavery” as these people are unable to pay the debt. Left with no other choice, they are forced into sex trafficking, to pay off this debt. However, they are charge ridiculous amounts of interests, which results in entrapment. The person is trapped in a vicious cycle of servitude, where they are charged an exorbitant amount of money for the “help” they received. They are used and “serve” their “master” who entrapped them into this country, with no hope of escape. Unfortunately, based on the nature of the departure from their home country, they have loose or limited ties to their family on origin.

At times, there are 30–40 people in 1200–1400 sq. foot homes, in one bathroom, with their rights, liberties, and freedoms are revoked. Their basic necessities are neglected are their body and brain are put their so much trauma at the expense of living this “false American dream”. These young teens live such impoverished lives which revolves around prostitution, drugs, mental illness (strongly influenced by recurrent trauma), isolation, major financial debt, and no hope of escaping their vicious cycle.

Many individuals continue to have sequela of trauma as a result of human trafficking, which completely alter the course and direction of their life. They are unable to maintain any sense of regularity, as they are constantly trying to escape their violent, vicious thoughts, which blossom into underlying personality traits, if not disorders.

I use to think that only certain areas were affected by human trafficking, which is far from the truth. I learned through a detective that I met, that some of worst pimps run their operations from surbuban settings.I guess, today I gained an awareness that the #2 crime next to drug/guns is human trafficking. I think thats why I enjoyed seeing children for mental health issues…to target or prevent any underlying cycle of worsening mental health…hoping to influence or strongly alter the course of a young child’s life from a family dynamic and holistic perspective. I think children are so amazing but they need responsible authoritative parents, good mentors, coaches, teachers

Source: Medium: Dr. Vilash Reddy


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