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Child Psychiatrist /Adult Psychiatrist

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Lets take the next step together to transform your life

Services We Offer

**Clinic sees patients (3-80+ yo. for child, adult, addiction psychiatry from Missouri and Kansas.                     (only telepsychiatry appointments)

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Initial Consultation

$300 for 1 hour

During the first consultation, I will do a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation from a bio-psycho-social model trying to assess the root cause of each underlying illness.  We will collaborate on a full customized treatment program that aligns with your values including medicines, therapy, and/or alternative remedies.

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Psychotherapy Follow Up

$200 per hour

If you feel that therapy is the right fit based on underlying issues.  Various therapies include: psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy.  Typically, for therapy to be effective it should be scheduled on a weekly basis or bimonthly basis (based on the severity of underlying condition)

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Comprehensive Follow Up

$200 per hour

(20 minutes will be dedicated to review each patient’s responses to medications and alternative supplements; 40 minutes will be dedicated for therapy - based on therapy selected per patient and provider).

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Medication & Alternatives Follow Up

$100 per 30 minutes

 Discuss if and how the treatment regimen is beneficial for each underlying condition.  In depth evaluation of side effects from treatment regimen(s)

List of Therapies Offered: Psychodynamic/CBT/DBT/ACT
What conditions is each therapy potentially beneficially for?
  • How to make a choice in the right therapy?  There are so many options, it can feel overwhelming to commit to specific kind of therapy, which your provider can help give you guidance and advice.

  • Ultimately, the choice is yours.  Keep in mind, many mental health providers will use techniques from different types of therapy.  It is also perfectly normal to try one approach, find that is doesn’t work for you, and try a different type. 

  • Therapy is a difficult yet soul searching experience, regardless of the approach you choose.  It can and will be a challenging, uncomfortable experience discussing mental health symptoms and personal experiences with a stranger.  However, it is a journey of discovering the true, authentic, healed you.  It gets easier with time.  Whether you are going through difficult time in life or have mental health issues that cause serious distress, we are here for you.  Your therapist is trained to help provide a non-judgmental environment. 

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A word of advice, be aware of what you want out of therapy.  Please keep a few things in mind to see if your provider is the right fit.

  1.  What issues do you want to address? These can be specific or vague.

  2. Are there any specific traits you’d like in your therapist?  For example, are you more comfortable with someone who is identified as your gender?

  3. Where will therapy fit into your schedule?  Do you need a therapist who can see you on a specific day of the week? 

  4. Do you want a skills-based therapist (CBT, DBT) or “analytic” therapist (Psychodynamic)?  Check out my blog post for better understanding.  There is an advantage and disadvantage to each approach. Your mental provider can help provide you with guidance on which therapy would be best suited for your needs.

Remember, it’s okay to change therapy types if you feel that one isn’t working for you.  We, collectively, can select one the best fits you.

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