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“Talk. They Hear You.” Celebrates 10 Years of Preventing Underage Substance Use

A caption of "Talk. They Hear You."

"Talk. They Hear You."® is a national prevention campaign by SAMHSA that aims to increase parents' awareness of underage substance use and equip them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to prevent it. The campaign offers resources such as a mobile app, Screen4Success, podcasts, educational session toolkits, discussion starter videos, Public Service Announcements (PSAs), e-newsletters, and other resources for parents, caregivers, schools, and communities.

Launched in 2013, the campaign initially focused on alcohol with children but expanded to include other drugs and youth under age 21. The campaign has registered over 1,500 licensed campaign partners across the country, garnered over 22.4 billion impressions of PSAs on television, radio, and print publications, and won 58 awards since 2018. The campaign has also received recognition from the National Parent Teacher Association's School of Excellence Program and has won 58 awards since 2018.

To celebrate "Talk. They Hear You."®, communities and schools can join SAMHSA's 20th Prevention Day, plan local events, participate in National Prevention Week and MyPreventionStory, and download SAMHSA's Prevention Month toolkit each October. Everyone has a role to play in prevention, and the campaign encourages everyone to take action to advance prevention in their community.

Drug addiction treatment should be tailored to each individual's unique situation, addressing not just drug abuse but also the broader life issues such as relationships, career, health, and psychological well-being.

Successful treatment requires a new way of living and addressing the reasons for drug use. Long-term follow-up care is crucial for recovery. Treatment options vary based on factors like age, drug-use history, and medical conditions. It's also essential to seek treatment for mental health problems simultaneously, combining mental health and addiction treatment from the same provider or team.


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