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Fact or Opinion

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Differentiate between Fact and Opinion

How Do You Differentiate Between Fact and Opinion?

Facts are verifiable statements. Opinions are personal interpretations of facts, which differ from person to person. For example, it is a fact that the sky is blue, and an opinion that the weather is beautiful.

Despite knowing the difference between facts and opinions, your brain does not always differentiate between the two. Harmful opinions, such as “I’m a bad person,” are sometimes treated as fact. Even without evidence, these opinions may contribute to negative thinking, stress, and other problems.

Spot Fact or Opinion



1. I listened to my friend talk about their bad day.

​2. I am a good friend.

​3. I am ugly.

​4. I have a blemish on my face.

​5. My hair looks bad.

​6. My boss said that I did a great job on the project.

​7. No one will ever like me.

8. My crush said “no” when I asked them out.

​9. I’m not as smart as the rest of my class.

​10. I’m lazy.

​11. I watched TV instead of doing my homework.

​12. My friend is angry at me. I know this because they were frowning.

​13. My friend frowned.

​14. Everyone was bored during my speech.

15. I should always be nice.

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