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Child Psychiatrist /Adult Psychiatrist


Updated: Sep 9, 2023

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Every human being has flaws.

Every human has insecurities.

Every human has vulnerabilities.

Forgiveness /Self-Compassion

Every human has micro-trauma, sometimes even macro-trauma. Micro-trauma — events in our life that seem insignificant, however remain buried in our subconscious, which alter the way we perceive the world. Ex. breakup with girlfriend/boyfriend, lose of friendship, etc. Macro-trauma is my opinion is abuse, neglect, death, loss of job, loss of identity, etc.

Sometimes humans go through their own life…holding on to this trauma…completely altering how they perceive life.

a person with a broken face

Forgiveness /Self-Compassion. Imagine a beautiful sunny day and you are a boat on the water. We are all boats (some yachts, some speed boats, some trolling boats, some kayaks, etc.). We are beautiful in our own way, with our own characteristics or purposes. We have different functions, meanings, and abilities. However, I feel that many are truly yachts on the inside, and depict that are fishing boats on the outside. Vica Versa (to those that are narcissistic and boastful).

Ultimately, we all have our anchors to this boat that we call life. Sometimes people with such heavy macro trauma are unable to move much despite a beautiful day, as their toxic experiences are so deeply anchored in their subconscious (sand at the bottom of the ocean floor).

a white boat on the water

One of the most important thing in life is to think about why you act and behave the way that you do. In my humble opinion, our actions are 10–20% conscious, the remaining amount is subconscious. Ex. you meet someone for the first time and they create a deep impression on you….why is that?

Baggage or your anchor displaced onto a stranger. I have a pretty decent understanding of subconscious effects and defense mechanisms based on my profession. I like to operate from a very holistic perspective, which is why I truly believe that psychology influences our mood, behavior, exponentially. I dont think that adults are hopeless, I think their need to work on pruning their mind, as neuroplasticity is alive and well. People need to see out doctors that are holistic in nature, helping to coach and develop a tailored lifestyle for someone dealing with mental illness.

I truly believe that mental illness is the anchor to many people achieving their dreams and living an abundant life. Limiting beliefs squash anything positive that we could potentially accomplish, as subconscious non-sense got impeded into our mind…As a human, we can achieve many things…we just need a sound mind and life is work its way out. Itruly believe as I dedicated my life to help those going through that journey.

Source: Medium: Author: Vilash Reddy, MD


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