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Child Psychiatrist /Adult Psychiatrist

Holistic Mental Health with Medications, Therapy, and Alternatives

Updated: Jan 16

One Life Psychiatry

As the name implies, it is about living your “one life” to its fullest potential without any psychological or psychiatric limitations. My practice is about the holistic model for mental health with medications, therapy, and alternatives.

It is an integration of optimal aspects of Western medicines (avoiding potential side effects or complications) with various therapy modalities (CBT, DBT, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, etc).

One Life Psychiatry provides a unique blend of patient-driven treatment, from an educational perspective, empowering the patient to select a treatment modality that aligns with his/her values, whether it be medications (psychopharmacology), therapy, and alternatives.

Use of Medication

In addition, I will explore and find whole body alternatives (if you prefer). As a child psychiatrist, I was very attuned to over prescription of medicines that could have potentially long-term consequences, including addiction, among the least. I will integrate nutritional supplements, herbal/plant based meditation, meditation/mindfulness, and particularly important health habits such as sunlight (vitamin D3), etc.

Dr. Vilash Reddy

I will continue update these pages with diagnosis, treatments options (including pros and cons), alternatives, knowledge about the different types of therapy (particularly what conditions they are effective for, alternative remedies, self-help books, clips on philosophy. Anything that will give you hope for a first quality of life and a healthy transformation.


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