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Self Reflection

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Learning to appreciate life

Self Reflection

Self Reflection. One of the most important things that I am learning, is to appreciate and reflect on a current moment in life. I feel that throughout the course of my life I have always focused on getting to the next step or chapter in my life, particularly after starting medical school. I feel that over the past 2–3 years, I have become more mindful, something that I was taught during my 4th year of medical school, which I think its very important to help enrich our lives and our existence. I hope to apply that philosophy to all aspects of my life, learning to embrace each and every moment to the fullest with complete awareness. I hope to make make an effort to reflect on a lesson(s) that I may have learned within that day, which could potentially help me be a better person.

Source: Medium - Vilash Reddy, MD


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