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The Wise Mind

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

our mind has three states: The reasonable mind, the emotional mind, and the

wise mind. Everyone possesses each of these states, but most people gravitate

toward a specific one most of the time.

Wise mind is the point of overlap between emotion and reasonable mind, like on the Venn diagram. Wise mind is part reason and part emotion and what makes you know you're in this mind is often a sense of intuition. It can sometimes be described as that 'aha' moment.

Wise Mind

​The emotional mind is

used when feelings

control a person’s

thoughts and

behavior. They might

act impulsively with

little regard for


​The wise mind refers to a

balance between the

reasonable and

emotional halves. They

are able to recognize and

respect their feelings,

while responding to them

in a rational manner.

​A person uses their

reasonable mind

when they approach

a situation

intellectually. They

plan and make

decisions based on


Describe an experience you’ve had with each of the three states of mind.




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