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What my Father means to Me?

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

My father was such an inspirational man that showed me the values that were the core of his existence. In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine how my dad overcome such hardest obstacles in life to achieve what he achieved on a personal and professional level. He touched many hearts, as he genuinely did mine. Each day I hope to mirror and refine those values that I have been taught. I am sad that my father is not around in flesh, but I do feel his presence in spirit and memories.

I know that I am thinker, by the ways in which he helped me to see a better world, one that he wanted me to help out in. I am only a mere product of such an amazing, inspiring human being, who is forever by missed by his family.

My Father



two men standing together in red and black shirt

Back when I was young and 17. My dad taught me a lot about how to treat his patient as I have some amazing memories of his patients saying such kind words about how much my dad helped him/her. He was my role model and I wanted to help people just like him.

Half the time I have a frank and candid conversation with parents about how to alter their parenting style to be more authoritative. Discipline is important, so is love and nurturing as it is paramount in building self-esteem and confidence. So many adults had rough childhoods because their parents didn't tools necessary to shape, inspire and model them. My parents weren't perfect they were a product of poverty and limiting nurturing in their lives. But they tried their best and im grateful through the ups and downs.

Here is a interesting piece that may help enlightenment the teamwork that is necessary for both parents in the eyes of a child!

One who loves till her eyes close, is a *Mother*. One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a *Father*. ____________________________ *Mother* - Introduces you to the world. *Father* - Introduces the world to you. ___________________________ *Mother* : Gives you life *Father* : Gives you living __________________________ *Mother* : Makes sure you are not starving. *Father* : Makes sure you know the value of starving __________________________ *Mother* : Personifies Care *Father*: Personifies Responsibility __________________________ *Mother* : Protects you from a fall *Father* : Teaches you to get up from a fall. __________________________ *Mother* : Teaches you walking. *Father* : Teaches you walk of life __________________________ *Mother* : Teaches from her own experiences. *Father* : Teaches you to learn from your own experiences. __________________________ *Mother* : Reflects Ideology *Father* : Reflects Reality ___________________________ *Mother's* love is known to you since birth. *Father's* love is known when you become a Father. ___________________________ Enjoy what your father says. Keep loving your mother. ___________________________

Just feeling blessed and grateful for what I have, as many people don't have love or guidance in life. Despite my battles, I have always had such kindness and caring people in my life.

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