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Who is the Real You??

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Who is the Real You??

This is an amazing video about how to find the underlying real you. Most often many live their life with a lack of awareness. Our priorities are all mixed up. Our wants are our needs and our needs are our wants. What imprint do you want to live in this world when we return to the ground? Who are you? Why do you exist? What is the point of your breath and life? How do you affect other people lives? One of the most inspiring people that I have gained the most awareness is Alan Watts, who an amazing English philosopher who pretty much knows most religions of the world. He can literally quote from each religious textbook.

Who is the Real You??

One of the fundamental principles is be God's plan through your action not because of fear of God. The truth of God is there that exist without one belief in him/her and there those are devout followers. Where does freedom of choice come from? Can we stop feeling hungry? We is a devout Buddhist after learning about all different types of religious which is a why of life or perspective on life, trying to reach enlightenment.

Source: Alan Watts

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