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Art is an Expression of the Mind

Updated: Jan 25

painting with aspects

This is my prior painting with aspects or elements of St. Louis. Thus, far I have really enjoyed living in St. Louis, based the environment, the culture, the people, the rich history, and amazing architecture. Its been an incredible experience learning how to paint as an adult, as art was a big part of my childhood. I use to love creating art as a child, particularly drawing cars, maybe it has been a long standing obsession =) However, as I got older a majority of my time was dedicated towards academic pursuits that I kind left that enjoyment behind. But, I have learned a lot about life through painting. Painting has taught me that its important to recognize that something that you view as a "mistake" could be easily be corrected and its important not to dwell on such "imperfections". Also doing something consistently will help you become better at a skill or trait, before you leap to negative conclusions about your ability. I think its has taught me to be more creative and free-spirited, as there is no right or wrong way of expressing yourself. Its pretty cool to try new things and challenge yourself to become better at a craft, while enjoying the process and growth. I guess there will never be a destination for me when it comes to art, but rather a journey.

Here is another painting I made for my Child Psychiatry program Washington University at St. Louis.

Art is an Expression of the Mind

love creating art

If you like my paintings and want to see all of my art collection. You can look at my public social media pages.

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